We walk the talk.
The Klotz & Gangloff Restart Academy.
We walk the talk.
The Klotz & Gangloff Restart Academy.
We walk the talk.
The Klotz & Gangloff Restart Academy.

It is a place, a concept, a solution! But above all, our Restart Academy is an affair of the heart!

We firmly believe that diversity forms the basis for outstanding performance. That is why we rely on an inclusive educational environment in which everyone can flourish. Our academy is not only a place to learn, but also to grow together. Here we create a community in which everyone can discover and develop their personal skills. Because craftsmanship not only connects materials, but above all people.

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Restart Academy fact check

We will retrain you as an industrial mechanic.
You learn from qualified and experienced colleagues.
Young, motivated team with 10 specialist trainers.
Space for 12 retrainees.
2,400 square meters of production space.
You can't get any closer to the real world – you support real projects.
250 square meters of training workshops / seminar rooms.
Digital language teaching.
You are welcome to attend our academy, regardless of your origin, history and world view (employees from more than 10 nations).
Theory and practice at the same location – no change of location necessary.
Online learning software.
Tablet for digital learning support as a gift for successful graduation.
Good chances of being hired after passing the exam.
Industrial Mechanic – Learn more about the job profile
Sachi Abeysekera
Sachi Abeysekera

HR & PR Management

Individual reasons for your retraining

Physical limitations.
Dissatisfaction with your current job.
Lack of career prospects in the profession you have learned, threat of unemployment or low demand in your current profession.
Extended leave due to illness, raising children or caring for relatives.
Long-term unemployment.

Fact check for retraining

Duration 28 months.
Most comprehensive form of professional development.
Comparable to an apprenticeship.
Ends with a recognized professional qualification through an IHK [German Chamber of Commerce] examination.
Practical and theoretical part, as well as examination phases.
Financial support possible through an education voucher from the employment agency.

Prerequisites for funding by the employment agency (education voucher)

Professional reorientation.
Retraining does not equal initial training.
You have not yet completed vocational training and are over 25 years old.
Minimum age 18 years.
Applicants must be listed with their employment agency.

Please clarify the key data individually with your responsible advisor at the employment agency, as funding for retraining is an “optional benefit”.

And this is how you get to us...

As soon as you have received the funding approval (education voucher), you can conclude an apprenticeship contract with us and nothing stands in the way of your “restart”.

Alternative funding agencies

Another financing option can be the German pension insurance – you can obtain information on this from the German pension insurance.

As a customer you are in good company!