Klotz & Gangloff started in 1997.
From one project arose a company which today employs 100 people with focus on mechanical & plant engineering as well as in the disciplines: development & CAD design, machining, industrial service, steel and metal construction.

Trust! This is the strongest motor at Klotz & Gangloff. Trust in one’s own and in the common values. Trust that each and every individual understands and executes his or her own personal actions as the best possible prerequisite for the work and performance of the next. We trust that the next generation of doers will carry the founders’ aspirations and spirit into the next phases of development of this great company.

The daily cooperation and the extremely positive internal and external feedback provide certainty and thus the good feeling of doing the right thing!

(l.t.r.) Thorsten Reinartz, Frank Klotz, Markus Mirbach, Jens Gangloff, Karsten Heinze

A strong alliance

Klotz & Gangloff GmbH holds shares in various companies and thus secures resources as well as future developments and market segments. Thus, the topics of mechanical and plant engineering, mechatronics, sensor technology and control, e-mobility and charging infrastructure in particular are dealt with in the corporate network.

A strong alliance

As a customer you are in good company!